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I have a very interesting topic this month about meditation. I’m new into the meditation world, however I truly believe in this new skill in every way.

There is no certain way to meditate. Some people like to meditate with white noise, some like to do it quietly and some like to listen to their favorite music.

Also, there is no certain pose to meditate properly. Some like to lie down, some like to sit and some like to do it in a child's pose position.

However, the meaning of meditation is the same. It is taking time to listen to our body, focus on our breathing and learn how our body moves with inhale and exhale.

The benefits of meditation are countless:

  1. Increases our focus

  2. Increases our memory

  3. Increases our creativity

  4. Increases our productivity

  5. Increases our compassion

  6. Reduces our stress level

  7. Reduces our anxiety level

  8. Helps manage depression

  9. Helps emotional balance

How often should we meditate?

The answer is as much as we can, research finds that meditation helps us to focus and elevate our mood, and overall psychological well being.

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