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What can I do If I only have 15 minutes to do exercise a day? Part I

Part I

A lot of clients and friends ask me, “what should I do if I don’t have time to exercise in a day, is 15 minutes good enough?” I think the answer is a solid “yes”! Any exercise is always better than nothing at all. What can a good 15 minutes do to your body? Is walking for 15 minutes good? Well… walking for 15 minutes is good for people not moving at all, so the answer is a yes for sedentary individuals.

If you are somewhat involved in exercise a couple times a week…..

Walking does not have much impact for someone that is already doing some exercises in their daily life, let alone someone who is already fit and doing a lot in their daily living.

Part I of this blog will cover people that are sedentary only.

Part II will cover people who are somewhat active.

Part III will cover people that are very active.

Over the years with my experience working with sedentary clients, I found that it is extremely hard for them to just move, let alone spend time in the park or on the street walking. Although I have mentioned walking is a very good exercise for the sedentary population, how many of them are willing to go out to walk for 15 minutes on a daily basis? I think that is really going back to where they feel the most comfortable, perhaps their own space at home.

For example, I have a client who only stays on the couch for 8-10 hours a day without moving, so what are good exercises for this client?

I’ll break it down into different positions.

Sitting position

-Rope climbing

-Arm overreaches

-Arm circles


-Side reach out with rotation

-Seated march

-Single leg lift

Side Lying position

-Leg circles

-Hip Abductions

-Knee crunches

-Arm windmills

-Arm press up

In my opinion, there are a lot of ways to get yourself involved in exercise everyday. Those are all good examples for the couch potatoes. If you keep yourself moving constantly for 15 minutes, I’m sure you will sweat quite a bit without even stepping outside of your home.

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