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What can I do If I only have 15 minutes to do exercise a day? Part II

In our last blog I mentioned exercises for the sedentary. In this blog I will focus on the lightly active individuals.

Walking may not bring high impact for this population but I also feel running could be too much, especially for people that are not running using proper body mechanics. So what can you do? There are a few elements you may want to put into your 15 minute session.

-Make sure it is challenging enough

-You want to feel the burn not the PAIN

-Do more of what you did last time

-Don’t stick with the same routine/same exercise every day

-You could work on different types of exercise every day, e.g. strengthening, stretching, balancing, or mobility.

Just a simple routine as an example:

-Lunges (Various) - stationary, reverse, side, walking, curtsy and twist for 1 minute

-Walking up and down stairs for 2 minutes (Stairs access)

-Running in place for 2 minutes (No stairs access)

-Inch worm for 1 minute

-Push up (Various) Wide or narrow, diamond, close hand for 1 minute

-Plank (Various) Open/ Close Feet, with 1 leg up, Step out plank, Arm ext plank for 1 minute

Repeat for 3 times, give yourself a minute break in between.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more!!! I am always here to help you!

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