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MÜV LIVE LONGER. Our fitness program is designed for mature adults who want greater health and better physical function to stay fit and active for the long haul.

We may be the perfect solution to improve your health, boost your energy levels, add years to your life and more importantly, life to your years!

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Training people is an extreme job! As a trainer, we need to keep our knowledge up to date and have a solid background to rely on. Thanks to my past and present clients, I have had a chance to learn the various aspects from their weaknesses and limitations. This in turn, improves my programs for their benefit and also my future clients. 

                                                                              MÜV Fitness Director - Toby Lau


We Offer:


Individual customized personal training one on one with a trainer.


Personalized training with 2-3 people at the same time.


Group oriented training with 4-6 people training at the same time.

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Hear What People Say:


I really enjoy working with Toby and her team at MÜV. I'm a senior and I appreciate her knowledge and focus in the workouts she designs for me. I feel that I am definitely making progress!​ Aside from that, Toby has a great sense of humor! I highly recommend her. 


—  Georgia B.


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