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Why is Mobility and Flexibility important and which one is more important?

Mobility and Flexibility are usually used interchangeably and confused from one another. Yet, they are very different and this difference could help you or harm you.

Mobility is important because it enhances our quality of life by helping us correct our muscular imbalances while improving our posture and helping us prevent injuries. This allows us to move more efficiently and gives us a better range of motion during our everyday movements. (Samantha Clayton, Vice president of Sport and Fitness education)

Flexibility is also important because it allows us to improve our range of motion and relieves our body from muscle tightness making our body feel good. However, flexibility is just a component of Mobility. You could be very flexible but not mobile. The dangers of being very flexible without the strength and stability to support you is that it could lead joint injuries since it is not able to support the joints when it comes under stress. In short, being very flexible could cause you to dislocate or harm you joints when it moves past your mobility range.

So what can we do about it?

Sedentary lifestyles choices, bad posture, and fear of moving due to injury are some of the causes for decrease in mobility and flexibility. The good news is that Mobility and Flexibility can be gain by exercise and stretching. Simple ways to improve on these areas is to:

  1. Pay attention to your body

  2. Maintain good posture

  3. Walk and exercise

  4. Strengthen and stretch your body everyday

  5. Sit on the floor with only your body to support you

  6. Add mobility and flexibility exercises to your workout routines

The above routines are just a few examples of what you can do help yourself become more mobile and flexible but it could greatly benefit you in many ways.

In conclusion, as we age, it is essential to maintain our mobility and flexibility to keep us independent and able to do the things we want and value. It not only decreases our risk of injury but it also makes our body feel great, thus, improving the quality of our life.

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